Doctoral programme

Doctoral degree programme in Gerontology

Doctoral theses in the field of aging research

Interdisciplinary Center for Aging Research (ICA)

Since its foundation in 2003 the Interdisciplina¬ry Center for Aging Research (formerly known as Interdisciplina¬ry Center of Gerontology – ICA) is active in the fields of biological, medical, psychiatric, psy¬chological, behavioral, humanistic, economical and technological aging research. The ICA ini¬tiates and supports interdisciplinary collabora¬tion on aging research at the Friedrich-Alexan¬der-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU). The ICA is also actively collaborating with commu¬nal institutions of medical care and with nur¬sing homes of the region. Currently the ICA has 29 members coming from four different facul¬ties and five associated institutions.

The ICA operates a collective graduate program “gerontology”, which provi¬des structured lecturing and special doctoral work¬shops for graduate students in gerontology as well as in psychology, psychiatry, geriatrics and sport sciences.

Find out more about the doctoral degree programme in Gerontology on the ICA-Website (german only)

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