Gerontology (M.Sc.)

Master´s Programme Gerontology (M.Sc.)

Gerontology from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

In fall semester 2007/08 the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg launched a new master´s degree programme in Gerontology (M.Sc.) at the Institute of Psychogerontology.

The master´s programme in gerontology at a glance

  • A study programme that can be accomplished in full-time (4 semesters) or part-time (6 semesters).
  • No study fees (besides administrative expenses)
  • Interdisciplinary courses that combine aspects of methodology, geriatrics, geriatric psychiatry, psychogerontology, psychogerontological intervention, sociology and applied gerontology
  • Academic training that is evidence based and integrates a variety of research methods in the fields of counselling, diagnostics and intervention and research
  • Special qualification of graduates for a broad field of activities in clinical as well as applied gerontology and social work with senior citizens

The master´s programme Gerontology (M.Sc.) was evaluated officially by ACQUIN (21. Juni 2010)