Medizinisch-psychologisch-technische Obergutachtenstelle (MPTO)

Road Traffic Safety, Mobility and Aging

Short Information

In Germany, a medical-psychological assessment (MPA) is used by the authorities in deciding whether to revoke or reissue a driving licence. If you don´t pass this MPA, there is a possibility for an even more detailed and elaborate assessment (decisive expert opinion; “in German: Obergutachten”) of your fitness to drive a car in public traffic at the MPTO

Services of the MPTO

You feel increasingly insecure in traffic and want to keep your (automobile) mobility and the associated quality of life in old age?
You are concerned that your driver´s license will be revoked and you want to avoid an assessment at official authorities?

The MPTO at IPG offers

  • an assessment of your basic cognitive functions important for safely driving a car in traffic
  • according the official standards of the German driving license regulations (FEV)
  • a detailed discussion of the results with individual consulting to training opportunities, compensation of limitations and personal mobility management.


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